Oh, but I am a fool

“A fool thinks himself to be wise,

but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

William Shakespeare

As I set out on this endeavor of Joy, I am doing it with the full knowledge that I can’t do it based solely on my own knowledge and that I most likely will not succeed. I also realize that creating a whole blog about it and posting in a very serious (I’m making my professor face- all you have to do is tuck your chin under and lift your head up while furrowing your eyebrows. HA I bet you look ridiculous) manner about inquires into a days events and how I should be thankful for them is a tad bit dramatic. But what the hell, I have a flair for the dramatics and you should just try to get used to it. Here’s the truth, I already am a very happy person. Laughing is my favorite exercise and I am almost always smiling, really ask anyone I know (the best part is that because of my whole stuffy writer thing/nom de plume you can’t check my facts). But honestly some of my most favorite times, when I laugh the hardest, are when I am not being the nicest person, i believe thats called being human. When people fail, when fat people fall down, when people do stupid things, when a guy gets a baseball bat to the nuts by a small child, all freaking hilarious and most times my eyes are watering from laughing so hard. My favorite sketches on SNL are when Bill Hader was Stefon and he was making jokes about midgets. When I watch those clips with people and laugh hysterically, they look at me like I enjoy torturing puppies (Which for the record I do not and only would if I was in need of a Dalmatian spotted fur coat). This enjoyment of not so nice stuff makes me wonder if I’m allowed to have joy about that. And if my Joy comes from a mean place is it true Joy? and if its true joy than how twisted am I? Like on a scale of April Ludgate to Adolf Hitler where do I stand on dark and messed up. These are the types of weird and ridiculous questions are going to allow you to realize how big of a fool this wise man (woman) is. I am able to offer no intellectual insight, barely even a competently spelled post, but I do offer this, I take myself less seriously than anyone else.

Currently laughing at myself for posting this,