Welcome. I am a passive-aggressive, pessimistic, awkwardly funny, laugh-loving 19 year old. For the sake of anonymity and mystery my nom de plume is Jane. My goal through this whole blogging process is to begin to live on the light and happy side of life. In pain I strive to find and fight for Joy and I seek beauty in brokenness. I am not a sunshine and rainbows person, but I have become tired of the daily life that wears me down. I am a college student and I trudge through the day out of obligation, seeing school and relationships as a burden not a blessing. When I pause, like I did at winter break, I realize how incredibly blessed I actually am, so, this blog is my attempt to more actively shift my mindset to one of Joy. So far this sounds very morbid and depressing, but i promise this is going to be a very entertaining journey and I promise a whole host of kicks and giggles. Also just a brief disclaimer, I am a horrendous speller and a repulsive punctuator. I have no claim to any sort of intellectual prowess.


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